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According to Mary Brown and Carol Orsborn in their fascinating book, “Boom: marketing to the ultimate power consumer – the baby boomer woman“, boomer women move through three stages of  development – conventional, transitional and aspirational. Marketers develop their strategies and messages to appeal to these boomer life stages.  Curious to find out which stage of life you’re in? Take the test below and find out!

  1. Do you seek expert opinions,  statistics or others’ recommendations before you buy?
  2. Do you spend more money on your family and friends than on yourself? always putting their needs and desires ahead of your own?
  3. Are you loyal to brands and are they conservative ones?
  4. Are stability,  predictability and security important to you?
  5. Is your work and/or life uninspiring?
  6. Do you lack confidence in your economic situation?
  7. Are you finding it difficult to make decisions?
  8. Do others view you differently than you view yourself?
  9. Are you aware that you are neglecting yourself physically and/or emotionally? do you plan to increasingly address more of your  needs and wants?
  10. Do you generally feel more anxious?
  11. Are you questioning your old beliefs and behaviours? are you more willing to take risks?
  12. Are you more open to experimentation? expressing yourself? developing a personal style?
  13. Are you feeling limited by others’ expectations and reacting/rebelling against them?
  14. Are you cautiously optimistic about your finances?
  15. Are you looking for meaning in your work?
  16. Does your life/work have meaning?
  17. Do you think for yourself? know yourself and what you want?
  18. Are you sometimes nostalgic for brands and products you used in the past? but happy to try new things?
  19. Is comfort and practicality important as long as you can remain stylish?
  20. Are you less obsessed with proving yourself? pleasing others?
  21. Are you interested in learning and reconnecting with yourself and others?
  22. Are you secure financially?
  23. Do you have healthy support systems and relationships?

Did you answer yes to questions 1-6? You are in the conventional stage of boomer life. Your work and/or life are uninspiring and lack meaning.  Your relationships and the responsibilities related to them are unbalanced. You lack confidence in your economic situation. There is general discontent but you are passive to change things. You respond to ads that promise to give you the help you need and keep you safe.

Yes to questions 7-15? You are in the transitional boomer life stage.  You’re attitude to work and/or life is changing – you’re beginning to seek meaning from one or both.  Your relationships and their responsibilities may still be imperfect, but you are working towards bringing them into balance.  Financially speaking, you are concerned but optimistic. You are no longer passive and are beginning to take a more active role in fashioning a life for yourself. Your response in decision-making is becoming more critical and reactive, casting aside others’ expectations to develop new ones for yourself. You respond to ads that believe in you and encourage self-nurturing, even the occasional indulgence.

If you answered yes to questions 16-23, you are in the aspirational stage of boomer life.  Your work and life are satisfying and meaningful.  You have healthy support systems and relationships and you’re secure in your financial situation.  Your problem-solving outlook is described as positive activism. You respond to ads, which speak to the authenticity of your life.

Of course, few of us fall  into just one boomer life stage.  You may be aspirational in your work/life orientation, but transitional in your relationships or conventional in your relationships but transitional in the way you solve problems. But it’s interesting, isn’t it? Think about it – what stage of boomer life are you in?

Until next time,

Your Boomer Life Partners

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