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If you participated in yesterday’s post, you will have discovered which boomer life stage your are in. Were you conventional, transitional, aspirational or a blend? I’m in the conventional-transitional boomer life stage, but moving towards aspirational in some of my decision-making.

As a conventional boomer,  I dutifully consult authoritative sources to help with my purchasing decisions.  My husband and I currently live in New Zealand and subscribe to Consumer NZ and the Australian equivalent Choice. When we lived in Canada, we referred to Consumer Reports  : Canada Extra and its American parent Consumer Reports. If you live in the United Kingdom, you may consult Which.  What influences your purchasing decisions? Where do you go for reviews and recommendations? Online? Magazines? Friends? Family members? Testimonials?

My favorite brands still dominate my shopping cart, but I’ve adopted some great new ones this year.  My purchasing decisions are increasingly based on the social and environmental responsibility of companies, local vs global producers, quality vs quantity and value for money (my aspirational boomer life stage rising!).  My husband and I are loyal customers of our local organic butcher and buy local produce either at our neighbourhood shop (green grocer) or from outdoor markets. I grow fresh herbs on the terrace and am contemplating a small vegetable garden.  We buy non-toxic cleaning supplies in bulk from the manufacturer and purchase our remaining groceries at one of the local supermarkets.

Possible redundancy looms in 2012, so as a transitional, I will be exploring home-based entrepreneurship in the coming months.  If you are newly self-employed and/or working from home, tell us more.

My transitional leanings have also seen me return to school part-time and I am currently completing a web-based post-graduate certificate program in aging from a Canadian university.

Lastly, true to my transitional nature I’m indulging myself this month with a one-day style retreat at Mollies Luxury Boutique Hotel in Auckland.  I’m really looking forward to it and promise to blog about my experience.  It wasn’t that expensive either through Daily Do! More about that in tomorrow’s blog….

Tell us which boomer life stage you are in and a bit about yourself – we’d love to hear from you!

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