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My last post ended with a promise to bring you more info on Dailydo, the group buying site where I was able to purchase a one-day style retreat, very inexpensively. Dailydo is a New Zealand voucher site offering daily bargains on high quality experiences and services.  Group buying power drives down prices on everything from leisure activities to professional home maintenance. This was the first time I purchased from Dailydo and everything worked seamlessly!

However, Dailydo is not the only group buying site in New Zealand. I’ve also taken advantage of offers on 1-day and GrabOne with similarly satisfying results.  It’s simple to subscribe to each site’s email alerts and takes only minutes a day to check their daily offers. Unlike a conventional shopping experience you save time, money and the environment (no more driving from shop to shop). To see more of New Zealand’s group buying sites, visit One Day Deals. Similar sites exist around the globe so if you live in other countries, click on the links at the end of this post.

As with any shopping experience, a few caveats. Don’t purchase without researching prices, spend only what you can afford, and read the fine print for validity periods, return policies and other limitations. If you are considering an unfamiliar group buying site (one that doesn’t appear on popular lists), check to see if it uses payment gateway systems like PayPal, etc for added confidence in its integrity.

Have you used group buying sites?  How did your experience enhance your boomer life?  Let us know …… happy shopping!

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Postscript: To find offers on group buying sites in your country, click on the links below:

  • For United Kingdom group buying sites, check out Dealies
  • For Australian group buying sites, visit All the Deals
  • For Canadian group buying sites, visit GroupBuying Canada
  • For American boomer group buying sites, the list is endless!  Search  Local Deal Sites for some of the more popular ones

Disclosure: Products, services and websites mentioned in this Boomer Life Today blog post were not solicited or paid for by companies in New Zealand or abroad.