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Photo courtesy of Toby Bradbury

If you read our last post, you’ll know we introduced the newly released UN population report, People and Possibilities in a World of 7 Billion.  It suggests that each of us ask “What can I do to make our world better?” or, “What can we do to transform our growing cities into forces for sustainability?” This prompted us to ask ourselves what we do to live a more sustainable boomer life?  Here is our list:

  • buy less
  • recycle
  • eat lower on the food chain – less meat
  • avoid food waste – eat leftovers, use what we buy, to avoid spoilage
  • increasingly eliminate plastic use by utilizing cloth grocery bags, storing food in glass containers, buying food and cleaning supplies in large volume to reduce packaging, avoid takeaway coffee and food by eating at restaurants and in cafes, which use cutlery and crockery
  • reduce distance we commute to work.
  • walk, cycle or take public transportation, whenever possible
  • borrow books, ebooks and magazines from the library and subscribe to digital magazines
  • avoid polluting the air by using non-toxic chemical cleaners and aerosols
  • buy local produce and in season – shop locally
  • conserve energy by using energy efficient light bulbs, shutting off lights when not in use, buy energy efficient appliances, launder in cold water, dry items on clothesline, use dryer and dishwasher sparingly
  • compost
  • use re-chargeable batteries
  • use non-toxic garden fertilizers, pesticides, etc
  • use electronics, car, etc for longer before replacing and give old items to charity or sell them to avoid sending them to landfill
  • use biodegradable garbage bags
  • buy clothing, etc that can be washed instead of dry cleaned
  • repair items, where possible and cost-effective
  • use dishcloths and microfibre dusting/window cleaning cloths, which do not require chemicals to clean
  • open windows instead of using air-conditioning
  • wear sweaters/jumpers and slippers when cold, instead of turning on the heat
  • dress windows with thermal-lined curtains
  • avoid wasting water – take short showers, don’t run water while brushing teeth, use eco cycles on appliances

We know that we can do more to make our boomer life more sustainable – please share your ideas with us…..

Until next time,

Your Boomer Life Partners