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View from one of the trails we frequent (mid-tide)

In last week’s posts we revealed our favourite diets and shared recipes to get you started.  Now that we’ve got the diet underway – our next resolution was to become more fit.  According to the latest news from Medscape, even 15 minutes/day is beneficial. View this video, Exercise for life: easier than you think to find out just how valuable exercise is, according to a recent article in Lancet.

I dislike exercise and have never been able to stick with any regime long enough to make a difference EXCEPT walking.  When audio cassettes and walkmans were popular, I had excellent walking tapes that got me out the door.  But now that we have a dog, he’s my motivation and we go every morning for 20-40 minutes, rain or shine.  Since he was a young pup, we’ve taken him for 2 walks a day and we love it.  I know I’m not supposed to let him lead me, but most days we go where “the smell takes us”.  We walk at high-speed, except when he stops for a pee or a sniff.  In the afternoons, my husband takes him to a nearby off-leash park for 30 minutes, so he gets a good run too.  Sometimes on weekends, we go into the countryside and walk on the many groomed trails, which meander through fields, pastures and regional parks or we drive to an unfamiliar suburb and get to know its high street on foot.  We meet lots of new people too – according to a great little book we read last year, Walk a hound, lose a pound, dog owners are thought to be friendlier people and that belief motivates people to stop and chat. So while keeping you healthier physically, it also improves your mental and social health! And, it’s free!

In our next post, we’ll review the best walking shoes.

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