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New Zealand has a large population of Chinese – some are new immigrants, others, second and third generation families.  They are the fifth largest ethnic group here and add colour and diversity to cities throughout the country.  Today we are celebrating Chinese New Year – the Year of the Dragon.  Auckland’s downtown is decorated with the large red lanterns seen in the photo above.  There are festivals, fireworks and events to mark the day.

Boomers born between 01/27/1952-02/13/1953 and 02/13/1964-02/01/1965 are Year of the Dragon babies.  We like the descriptions of Dragons from the Travel China Guide website:

“It [the Year of the Dragon] is the token of authority, dignity, honor, success, luck, and capacity. In ancient China, a dragon was thought to speed across the sky with divine power. Emperors entitled themselves exclusively as ‘dragon’; their thrones were called ‘dragon thrones’, their clothes ‘dragon gowns’.

Strengths People under the sign of the dragon are lively, intellectual, energetic and excitable. They often can be leaders and try to go for perfection. When they meet with difficulties, they are not discouraged. They are magnanimous, romantic and sensitive about their reputation. They usually have great ambition and an ingenuous personality. They hate hypocrisy, gossip and slander. They are not afraid of difficulties but hate to be used or controlled by others.

Weaknesses They are a little arrogant and impatient, while dragon women can be over- confident. Sometimes, ‘dragons’ are unable to control their moods very well due to being eccentric, tactless, fiery, intolerant and unrealistic. They may feel blank about the future. There is no lack of romance in their life over all, but they seldom give true love. Therefore, they do not usually show disappointment in love. They may criticize others for their inefficiency at work. They have a nature ardent to excess and couldn’t withstand setbacks which make them flee away. If they overcome these defects, they can have a brighter future.

Horoscope and Numerology Elements
Earthly Branch of Birth Year
Wu Xing (The Five Elements) tu (earth)
Yin Yang yang
Auspicious Directions west, north, northwest
Lucky Colors golden, silver, hoary; Avoid red, green, purple, black
Lucky Numbers 1, 7, 6; Avoid 9, 8, 3
Lucky Flowers bleeding heart vine, larkspur
Zodiac Sign CompatibilityBest match: rat, monkey, rooster; Avoid ox, rabbit, dog

Fortune Fortelling in 2012
It is the turn of dragon people to encounter their birth year, a year to offend ‘Taisui’, the god in charge of people’s fortune. To ensure their own safety, dragon people should be tolerant and low-keyed. Good and bad luck are coming fifty-fifty.

Career  Dragon people are likely to be slow and erratic. There is no lack of good information and opportunities, but hardly any of them can bring good results.

Wealth Think twice before investing. Pay attention to their expenditure plan in order to avoid financial crisis.

Love Sentimental crisis may easily happen and there are many quarrels between the husband and wife.

Health Their luck in health is worth of special attention, the same as those paid to their wealth problems. Apart from the discomfort in digestive system, they should also care those in skin and blood.”

When were you born? To find out more about Chinese horoscopes and to calculate your Chinese zodiac, click here.

Happy New Year to our Chinese readers!

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