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Photo courtesy of codepinkhq

The last in our “Resolutions” series of blog posts brings us to our creative selves.

My parents were very talented – my mother with fabric and needle crafts and my father with wood. The first memory of my mother’s talent was a beautiful smocked dress made for my sister, which was then handed down to me.  The smocked pattern was a Grandma Moses painting!  For those who are unfamiliar with this famous American naif artist, her work always depicted very detailed scenes of rural life. My parents also loved restoring antiques and our home was filled with beautiful items picked up at farm auctions or made by my father.  My mother’s embroidery and handmade braided and hooked rugs completed the look.

Growing up it seemed natural to learn a variety of crafts – knitting, crocheting, sewing, embroidery, crewelwork, cross-stitch, macrame, needlepoint (tapestry) and quilting. Crafts have been a constant in my life, starting with designing and making doll clothes at age 8. In my twenties, when living in Saudi Arabia, I developed a small business designing and selling crafts, which featured aspects of Saudi life and culture. More recently, I’ve been developing handcrafted items depicting life in New Zealand and hope to  show my pieces at local art and craft markets this year.

Art and craft work are good for the soul and keep you grounded. There’s something very satisfying about designing and/or making something by hand in an age when most things are mass-produced in faraway places.

Do you enjoy an art or craft form? How does it enhance your life? If not,  plan to take lessons through your local craft guilds.  It’s important for your well-being to learn new skills and it’s fun too!

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