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Photo of a bluejay courtesy of boismocassinwoods.ca

Here in New Zealand it’s back to school for primary, intermediate and secondary school students after 6 weeks of summer holidays!  I grew up in Canada and have fond memories of getting ready for that first day back. I loved getting new boxes of Crayola crayons or Laurentian coloured pencils (depending on my age).  The colours were amazing – I even liked the smell of new crayons! A look at the Crayola Colour Chronology on their website reminded me of my favourite colours then – Spring green, Magenta and Orange Yellow.  Did you have favourite colours? What were they? Check the link to jog your memory!

I used to walk back and forth to school and in the autumn I remember the crunching sound and distinctive sweet smell of walking through crisp maple leaves. My grandparents lived near us and they had a huge maple on their front lawn.  On my way past, I used to run and jump through the piles of leaves, to the piercing call of bluejays (pictured above).

The only year I was bussed to a school was my first year of secondary school.  It was a large inner city school and I felt very alone and anxious my first days there.  But, I remember looking forward to my lunch because I knew that within my neatly packed brown bag, there would be a ripe, golden, juicy pear or crisp, red apple. We used to buy our apples by the bushel from an orchard in the country and I fondly remember descending below the ground into a cold chamber where they kept the apples – MacIntoshes, Snow Apples, Northern Spys, and Russets were our favourites.

What memories will today’s kids have of their first days back at school?  So many children are driven to school or walk plugged into their iPods or MP3 players – it’s sad! What are your memories of your first days back to school?  We’d love to hear from you.

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