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No matter how you say it, style is something most of us would like to have.  The good news is anyone can achieve it with a little help from professionals like Julia Turnwald.  Julia is a personal stylist who offers group style retreats and one-on-one consultations on wardrobe mastery, makeup artistry and interior wizardry.

Last October, I attended  Julia’s style retreat at Mollies, one of Auckland’s finest boutique hotels – a full day of activities, lectures and light refreshments.  Julia began by helping us determine our bra size and from that foundation (no pun intended!), our body shape. It turns out that I am a “cornet” (think “ice cream cone” – broad-shouldered and smaller through the waist and hips). This means that I can wear skinny jeans, slim heels, flared skirts, wide lapels, broad straps and layers.  Who knew? “No gos” are floaty dresses, platform shoes, scooped necklines, shoulder pads and 3/4 sleeves.  Interestingly, I  have always avoided floaty things, so at some unconscious level maybe we know what not to wear! More good news, our bodies change every 5 years, so we need to reassess our bodies and wardrobes periodically. Partners/husbands, are you listening? 🙂

Julia believes in carefully selecting a limited number of items, which can be mixed and matched to create your own personal style.  She recommends collecting pictures of clothes you like as the first step in the process. One woman in the group had previously taken Julia’s advice and with her help had reduced 500 items of clothing to just 20 pieces! I like the idea of having fewer clothes of higher quality and developing a personal style.

With our wardrobes sorted, we met dieticians who spoke to us about healthy, mindful eating habits, aestheticians who advised us on skin care and “restorative” procedures, and hairstylists who helped us determine the best look for our face shape and hair type.  Julia then chose one lucky attendee to demonstrate makeup techniques and ended the day with tips on interior design and decoration. The day was fun and informative and we each received a gift bag with over $300 worth of products and vouchers.

In the next post, I’ll give you an update on my style progress and some helpful resources to inspire you.

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Note: To find out more about Julia Turnwald, click here.

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