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In the last post, I listed some of the travel guides I used to plan a surprise trip for my husband’s 60th birthday.  In this post, I’ll explore travel health insurance.  My sister advised me of a Canadian consumer watch program, Marketplace, which aired a story about this recently.  Travellers planning a vacation need to pay attention to their coverage because there can be some ugly surprises.

One couple had their claim denied because they failed to correctly answer a question on a medical questionnaire.  It was an honest mistake because the husband truly didn’t realize that his physician had diagnosed him with an illness mentioned on the application form.  This allowed the insurance company to avoid paying for almost $350,000 in medical expenses!  The hospital did reduce the bill once they realized the couple was not insured, but they still owe $160,000.

Another elderly gentleman, who lived in a nursing home and was heading to Florida had his claim denied because he wasn’t aware that his doctor had changed the dosage on one of his prescriptions within the last 6 months.  An easy error for someone in a nursing home because they don’t self-administer their medications.

To watch this Marketplace program, click or touch here.

I have purchased expensive insurance for our trip, but there are still many things not covered under the policy.  We can only hope that we don’t need medical care while we are away. It pays to read the fine print!

Have you had a claim denied for any health care you’ve had on vacation?  What was your experience?  Have you had a particularly good experience with a travel health insurance company?

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