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The first time I packed bags was for a 2-year stint in Saudi Arabia! It was a challenge to include everything I might need for 2 years into two bags (44 kgs). That was 1975 and now many, many trips later, I’m deciding what to pack for our next adventure. It’s so much easier now.  Luggage is much lighter, most bags have wheels and clothing fabrics are wrinkle-free, stain resistant, quick drying, and light yet warm.  The dress code is much more casual too, which makes deciding what to pack less stressful.

This trip I’m considering some new luggage because although I love my Hartmann pieces, I want something lighter for air travel.  I’ve been online to see what’s available and there seem to be several check-in bags that have wheels and are light. Eagle Creek, Tumi, Samsonite, etc – almost every major brand offers lightweight options.  We’d appreciate hearing from readers who have purchased light check-in  luggage lately.  What brand and size bag did you buy, and why?

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