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The strip!

In our last post, we were in downtown LA boarding the Lucky Streak bus service to Las Vegas.  For those boomers who remember singer/songwriter Harry Chapin’s song, Greyhound, “it’s a dog of a way to get around,”  our experience wasn’t far off. The bus was old and a half hour into the trip the air-conditioning packed in.  Although our driver was prepared to return to LA for another bus, we all decided to keep on going with the roof hatches open. It was fine until we hit Las Vegas, where a freeway accident ground traffic to a halt in 98 degree heat!  Fortunately, our room at The Signature – MGM was cool, in more ways than one!  We were offered one of the penthouse suites overlooking the airport – just great for plane-spotter, Mr. Boomerlifetoday.

Our first evening in Vegas, we headed out on the bus to Whole Foods for dinner and to get groceries (our suite had a kitchen).  We had decided that we would have one nice breakfast and dinner out during our stay and make our own food the rest of the time.

After a great night’s sleep, we went out to the Premium Outlet Mall for some last minute shopping.  I had packed my things in an old suitcase and was in the market for a new bag – large and lightweight.  I narrowed it down to two brands – a soft-sided Antler Sub Zero G and a hard-sided Rimowa.  Both were excellent and it was difficult to decide.  The Rimowa collection was beautiful but very pricey, so since we don’t travel as much as we used to, I opted for the Antler series.

With our shopping sorted, we spent the remainder of our time in Vegas, gambling (and no, we didn’t win!), lounging poolside and visiting other casino hotels.  Our favourites included the Bellagio and the Venetian.  The Bellagio fountains were spectacular and its lobby absolutely beautiful.  But the shopping concourse at the Venetian was wonderful.  While we were sitting enjoying an Italian pastry and coffee at one of the cafes, a thunderstorm rolled in complete with rain, INSIDE!  Very convincing and just part of the show at the Venetian.

Vegas has lots of great places to eat and one morning we had a delicious diner breakfast at Roxy’s in the Stratosphere and on our last evening we enjoyed the MGM Grand buffet. Afterwards, we attended the Eagles concert at the MGM Garden Arena.  One of Mr. Boomerlifetoday’s favourite singer/songwriters is Don Henley, who has reunited with the band this year for their 40th Anniversary Tour.  It was a fun-filled evening and the arena was packed.  What a fantastic way to end our hoilday!

The next day, with temperatures topping 100 degrees F, we boarded a United flight to Los Angeles and then after a short layover flew Air New Zealand to Auckland. We had a wonderful vacation and it was a great way to start off a year of celebrations for Mr. Boomerlifetoday’s 60th birthday!

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