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Redbird simulator at Executive Flight Services

Mr. Boomerlifetoday loves everything to do with aviation, so last Christmas  I bought him one hour of instruction on a flight simulator.  Located at Ardmore Airport outside of Auckland, Executive Flight Services offer experiences on state-of-the-art Redbird equipment.   You can bring family and friends to enjoy the flight with you, so a couple of weeks ago I accompanied him on his flight sim experience.

After about 20 minutes of instruction, Mr. Boomerlifetoday “flew” around Auckland, buzzing the Sky Tower a few times before I joined him in the cockpit.  Within minutes we were “airborne” heading for Hong Kong.  We landed at the old airport, Kai Tak – not for the fainthearted!  Skyscrapers and mountains to the north, the runway jutted into Victoria harbour, making it particularly challenging.  Unfortunately, there was no time for virtual shopping as we took off, on the recommendation of the flight instructor, for Bhutan. Bhutan’s international airport is nestled in mountains reaching nearly 12,000 ft!  Mr. Boomerlifetoday did remarkably well, although , like his golf game, he did manage to find the rough a couple of times!   Good that it wasn’t the real thing!

Piloting us safely home to New Zealand, Captain Boomerlifetoday received a certificate and a DVD of his experience.  It was great fun and proved to be a wonderful gift.  Why not give it a try! Watch the group buying sites for deals, especially just before Christmas – that’s when I bought our voucher.

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