Photo courtesy of moonstarsandpaper blog

There is a television commercial running in New Zealand, which states “DIY – it’s in our DNA” and that certainly is true.  In my experience, many New Zealanders are very resourceful, creative, and innovative.  Perhaps because of geographic isolation, economic necessity or just because they can, Kiwis have devised some ingenious solutions to everyday problems.  Spiral hairpins, egg beaters, disposable hypodermic syringes, propellerless jet boats, spreadable butter and tranquilizer guns are just some examples of Kiwi ingenuity.

And, according to the World Bank’s Doing Business 2012 report, New Zealand ranks #3 in their list of the world’s easiest countries to do business in.  As a result, many international and local entrepreneurs set up “shop” here.  Relaxed zoning laws permit many to operate businesses from their homes.  Within a kilometre of our house, we have a hairdresser’s, spa, seamstress, tutor, chiropractor, window blinds sales, accountant, psychologist, engraver – all working from home.  I’ve always wanted to develop a small business and hope to join their ranks within the next few years.

Have you any plans to start a business in your retirement?  Many boomers are – more on that in future posts!

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