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Happy Father’s Day!

This Sunday is Father’s Day in New Zealand and we’ll be celebrating by spending the weekend with  Mr. Boomerlifetoday’s Dad and taking him out for dinner.  He is 91 years old and still living on his own – amazing!  It’s difficult to know what to buy as a gift because his needs are few.  Other years, we’ve bought items of clothing or gift cards for supermarkets/petrol stations/electronics stores, or newspaper subscriptions .  This year we decided to give a gift that keeps on giving and purchase prepared frozen meals from Sabre Ezi-Meals.  The meals are nutritious, tasty, generously proportioned,  suit older people’s taste and are reasonably priced.  Although Dad does still cook, it is nice to have meals on hand, if he doesn’t feel like cooking.  It’s reassuring for us too – we know that he is getting good food including veggies! There are several similar companies here in New Zealand and it’s such a good idea for older people.  Great if your older relatives don’t qualify for Meals on Wheels service.

Unfortunately, my father passed away in 1996, shortly after we were married.  He never really got to know Mr. Boomerlifetoday because we were living in Saudi Arabia at the time and visited Canada only once before our marriage.  I know they would have enjoyed spending time together – watching sports or going out for an occasional golf game/practice at the driving range.  A mutual love of gardening, cars and electronic gadgetry would have provided great ways to become acquainted – opportunities sadly lost!

So, we want to close this post by urging you to make the most of your time together this Father’s Day.  We wish all the fathers – young and old a very Happy Father’s day!

Until next time,

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