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I’m looking for a miracle – in a jar!  In my youth, I was an avid sunbather (one of the baby oil brigade!) and I spent 16 years living in Saudi Arabia, so it’s not surprising that I have wrinkles.  Although I have always cared for my skin in the sense that I have followed a cleansing and moisturizing regime each morning and evening, the sun and aging have taken their toll.  I’ve tried a wide variety of products over the years – Decleor, Clinique, ROC, Olay, Neutrogena and more recently, Simple, Skin Food, Geo, Trilogy and Thalgo.  Costs have varied from very expensive – Thalgo and Decleor to very reasonable – Simple, Skin Food and Olay.  Some like ROC were effective in reducing fine lines, but at a cost.  Because I have sensitive skin, I found their products irritating.  Geo, a local organic product line was very soothing, but not anti-aging.  What to do?

Health wise, I eat lots of fruit and veggies and drink water (although I could increase the number of veggies and the volume of water that I consume). I’ve never smoked, I drink alcohol infrequently and walk regularly.   My mother had beautiful skin even in her nineties, so I have the genes. I just need help reversing the sun’s damage and minimizing under-eye circles. Ideally, I’d like local, organic products, which have anti-aging properties but are non-irritating.  No pressure!

I don’t want a facelift or Botox – I’m hoping for a topical solution.  There will be some who say I should embrace my age, which for the most part I do. However, I feel that the wrinkles and circles belie who I am  – they make me look older and more tired than I feel.  I’d appreciate hearing from others who have similar issues and what products or regimes they are using.  Please share!

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