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Photo of earthquake damage

Tomorrow 26/09 at 9:26 a.m.  New Zealand is undertaking an earthquake exercise.  Participating radio stations will sound an alert called a sting –  click or touch here to listen. For those who have registered (currently 1.3 million people and counting), regardless of what we are doing, we will drop, cover and hold.  New Zealand is the first country that I have lived in which is earthquake prone, so it is all very new to me.

In addition, citizens are urged to have a disaster preparedness kit at the ready with 3 days supply of food, water and other essentials like battery operated radio, flashlight, bedding, change of clothes, walking shoes, etc.  Families are also asked to designate a meeting place if an earthquake occurs while they are away from home.

While we do not live in a particularly vulnerable area of New Zealand – you never know.  Christchurch did not think they were earthquake prone and look what happened there!  They do not call them the Shaky Isles for nothing!

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