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Detail of Iraqi wedding blanket

Eid Al-Adha, the Muslim holiday marking the annual pilgrimage to Mecca is upon us.  When I lived in Saudi Arabia in the mid-70s, pilgrims still journeyed overland to Mecca and I have fond memories of pilgrims arriving from Iraq in taxis topped with multiple, brightly coloured bags, rugs, blankets, etc.  In order to pay for their trips,  pilgrims would sell carpets, camel bags and other handcrafted items from their home countries as they made their way across Saudi Arabia.   They would often display their wares by the side of the road or sometimes a few pilgrims would meet near a town`s outdoor souq (market) and set up a temporary `shop.`

One year, I was fortunate to spot a piece of a vintage embroidered Iraqi wedding blanket, stitched by the Marsh Arabs of Southern Iraq (pictured above).  The blanket is camel wool and the chain stitch is formed using a tambour or ari hook.  Beautiful! I feel so fortunate to own such a piece. To learn more about these beautiful textiles, touch or click here to watch this video.

We would like to wish our Muslim friends a safe and happy Eid!

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