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Our garden

If you have been reading our blog since last year, you may remember that planting a garden was on our “to do” list for 2012.  Well, I’m happy to report that Mr. Boomerlifetoday has outdone himself by building a beautiful raised veggie patch in our back yard.  Because we have clay soil, he had to purchase several cubic metres of potting mix to give our seedlings and plants a fighting chance.  So while it will take several harvests to recoup the cost of timber, brackets, bolts and soil, it’s been exciting to watch as young seedlings mature into lettuce, pepper plants (or capsicum, as they are referred to here in New Zealand), zucchini, carrots, beets, corn, spinach, broccoli and a variety of herbs.   We’re hoping not to use pesticides, but we’ve already had two casualties – a pepper and a basil plant.  Although we put organic slug bait down around the basil, something else nibbled it down to a few bare stems!  We think it was aphids, so we will be looking for natural ways to combat them.  We’ll search the web for ideas, but if anyone has experience with these little monsters, please let us know!

Mr. Boomerlifetoday is trialling a new product called Woolgro developed here in New Zealand.  Dag wool (the unwashed fleece from the “backside” of sheep), which is a waste product of the wool industry is carded (combed using special machinery) into a mat. Seeds are then woven into the mat ready for planting.  We have planted the Woolgro multi-cut lettuce mix and have seen the first tiny leaves appear this week.  If we like the results, we may decide to plant a new lawn using one of their lawn mats.   It really is an ingenious use of a waste product – you get a planting medium, fertilizer( in the form of sheep manure) and seeds all in one simple to plant “package”. Our dog loves it too, presumably because it smells so delightfully foul! If you’d like to learn more about Woolgro, click or touch here.

Now all we need are some warm, sunny days – it’s been a particularly cool and overcast spring and everyone is longing for summer!

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