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Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas or holiday break!  It always seems to be over so quickly!

We hope everyone has a very prosperous and healthy year ahead!  Mr. Boomerlifetoday is going to lose some weight and exercise more and I hope to help him by cooking with less fat.  To that end, I have purchased an oil mister and a non-stick frying pan.  I chose the Table Top Oil Mister and a Greenpan non stick frying pan to cook with. They both get very good reviews in terms of non-toxic production and excellent performance.

I’m hoping to start a craft business in 2013 using all the supplies I’ve been accumulating for an embarrassing number of years. I hope to develop a web presence and sell online and through selected stores.  It should be an exciting and creative year! I’m looking forward to it.  The number thirteen has been a lucky one in our family, so we hope that luck continues.  What are your resolutions?

Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year!

Your Boomer Life Partners

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