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Near Grand Bend in southwestern Ontario Canada

Near Grand Bend in southwestern Ontario Canada

Can’t believe how fast time is flying!  And speaking of flying, Mr. Boomerlifetoday and I flew to Canada for the holidays and had a wonderful time. I hoped for a white Christmas and my wishes came true on Boxing Day with heaps of snow and icy cold temperatures.  Montreal was hardest hit with 45 cm of snow in one day (record-breaking) and when we arrived there more than a week later, they were still digging out! Temperatures were a breathtaking (literally) -28 C!    We have spent most of our Christmases in warm climates (Saudi Arabia and New Zealand), so I was really looking forward to winter and it didn’t disappoint.

Of course the highlight was seeing family and friends and by the end of our vacation, we had managed to catch up with everyone.  I didn’t realize how much I had missed them. Alas, after 3 fabulous weeks it was time to say a bientot!

Back in New Zealand it’s been a whirlwind of de-cluttering/cleaning and tidying as part of a New Year blitz.  It feels good to bring some order to the chaos! Particularly important as Mr. Boomerlifetoday heads back to school next week and I face stressful times at work.

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