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Image courtesy of Geralt

Image courtesy of Geralt

This past Monday I had a medical scare.  Decisions had to be made, which were facilitated by the latest communication technology and a knowledge of the medical history of my father and his siblings.

Those of you who have followed our blog from the beginning know how much we love our Apple products and thanks to our iPhone and Skype, Mr. Boomerlifetoday was able to contact my sister (in Canada) from the Emergency Department here in New Zealand.  She contacted the hospital in Canada where my father had been cared for in 1989 and was able to scan and email the discharge notes.  She also knew what my uncle had died from.  This information proved invaluable in deciding whether to have a risky diagnostic procedure.

The tests and examinations ruled out anything sinister and I am thankful for the co-ordination of my family and the medical team.  It reinforced for me how important it is to have detailed medical histories readily available.  

Do you know the details of your family medical history?  If not I urge you to find out. Here are a few links to get you started:





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