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I’ve been in need of a good laugh lately. My medical scare left me shaken, our place has been infested by bottle flies (they laid eggs throughout our home, in the closets, drawers, under furniture, under appliances!!!!!) and the department I work in is under review.  Enter Russell Peters right on cue!  He made his first appearance in Auckland (he’s Canadian) and didn’t disappoint.  He was already one of my favourite funny men.  I’ve watched his DVDs and seen him on television, but, his live show was his best.  I literally did not stop laughing from start to finish! If you haven’t heard of Russell, I urge you to catch one of his shows.  Touch or click here to find out more.

And, in May we’re looking forward to another must-see comedian, Danny Bhoy.  Can’t wait!  Click or touch here to find out about this wonder-bhoy.

Who are your favourite comedians?

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Disclosure: Mention of these shows was not solicited or paid for by companies, individuals or agencies in New Zealand or abroad.