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Photo courtesy of riptheskull photostream

Photo courtesy of riptheskull photostream

Happy Easter! Easter is celebrated so casually now compared to when I was young.  As a child, Easter meant new clothes to wear to church on Sunday.   My mother was a wonderful seamstress and most years, she would make me a new suit or dress.  I often had new shoes, which were always bought from the same store.  I loved that shop because when the salespeople measured your feet or helped you try on shoes they sat on little stools with animals painted on them.  I especially liked the stool painted to look like an elephant! The store was owned by people who went to our church and they always stocked lovely shoes by the Savage Shoe Company.  One year, I chose dark blue velvet ones with sparkly bows!  I loved them.  Another year, my mother took me to get a new spring coat at  one of the downtown department stores and I remember the difficulty of choosing between a grey one with grey braid trim or a navy one – I chose the grey one.   VVhen I was very small, my outfit would not be complete without a new hat (Easter bonnet) and gloves.  VVe did not have a lot of money when I was a child, but my mother had very good taste and always bought the best quality we could afford.  A good habit, which I try to follow to this day.

The other childhood Easter memory I treasure was waking up Sunday morning to find Laura Secord chocolate bunnies and eggs in woven baskets lined with yellow, pink and mauve straw.  I especially liked the eggs, which had either a vanilla cream (coloured white and yellow to look like the yolk and white) or chocolate and walnut centre.  My mother worked in a Laura Secord shop when my father was away at war and always remained loyal to the brand.  The company was founded 100 years ago and is still going strong so seek them out if you are in Canada and find yourself in NEED of chocolate!!  They will not disappoint…..

This year we have not made any special preparations for Easter – no new clothes or chocolate treats.  I have not even planned a special Easter dinner, which my mother always did.  It is too bad in a way but here in New Zealand, Easter is like Thanksgiving weekend in Canada – the last holiday weekend of good weather before the cooler temperatures and rainy days set in.

VVhat are your childhood memories of celebrating Easter?  Do you still maintain any traditions from your youth?

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