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Photo courtesy of axeldeviaje

Photo courtesy of axeldeviaje

Future-proofing, inter-generational design, universal design, ergonomic design, ageless design – whatever you want to call it, its one of the fastest growing renovation trends, according to a new Harvard study.  For once, we are on trend and are having our bathrooms/toilets renovated with future-proofing in mind.

To get ideas, we toured a number of new homes in New Zealand and Canada, which were designed for the active retired demographic.   At one of Auckland’s newest retirement developments, we were fortunate to meet the interior designer and asked for her help.  In preparation for our first meeting, I borrowed interior decorating books and magazines from the library and photocopied pictures of rooms that Mr. Boomerlifetoday and I liked.  That way it was easy for the designer to develop our brief – minimalist, light, airy, a tiled barrier-free shower in the en suite, slip resistant heated floors, wall hung vanities with drawers for easily accessible storage, improved lighting and raised height toilets.  Energy efficiency was also important.

VVe have had our second meeting with the interior designer and our first with her builder, so we’re making progress.  VVe’ll keep you posted and let you know which products we choose and how the transformation is going.

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