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A few posts ago, I wrote about the importance of knowing your family’s medical history and now I’m finding out even more about my ancestors.  Undertaking a genealogical search has never interested me until a few days ago.  On a whim, I downloaded a free 14-day trial of Ancestry.com and haven’t done much else since then (hence the delay posting to my blog!!!).  It’s not easy, but very compelling and gratifying when the pieces start falling into place.  I’ve discovered that in ‘ye olde Scotland’, there were many Marys, Thomas’s, Johns, and Anns, which has made my investigation very frustrating at times.  And, it also seems that people didn’t know how old they were (or maybe they did and didn’t want others to know) because some of my ancestors’ birth dates changed when they got married or immigrated to Canada, funny that???) And, to the best of my knowledge they weren’t criminals trying to confuse the authorities!!!  It’s fascinating to imagine what their lives were like, a la Downton Abbey (although I’ve found more members from ‘below stairs’ (domestics) than aristocrats so far). But I’m not finished yet, so who knows what I’ll find!  

Have you made any interesting discoveries when doing your family history? 

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