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Did you like school? Do you like challenging your mind by learning new things?  Those who follow our blog will know that I graduated last year with a post-graduate certificate in aging from Mount Royal University in Canada.  This was a web-based program of study and I really enjoyed it.  But what if you don’t have the money, desire or commitment to study for credit? Why not study just for the fun of it? If you own a computer/mobile device, you may be interested in MOOC, Massive Open Online Courses. These free courses are offered for interest, not credit and cover a wide range of subjects.

I’m currently taking one from Duke University and it is very good.  Other universities contributing great content include Yale, Harvard, MIT, McGill (Canada), Open University (UK) and many more!  Click or touch here for a list of MOOC course providers.

Keeping your mind active and learning new things is thought to help reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s and other forms of cognitive decline.  So why not register – courses start every week!

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Disclosure: Mention of these courses in this Boomer Life Today blog post were not solicited or paid for by companies/schools in New Zealand or abroad.