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Photo courtesy of Kristina

As you may recall from previous posts, I have a serious problem where fabric is concerned!  I have a closet full of material, which I have been collecting for almost 30 years!  I have sold some pieces during this time, but continue to be seduced by the “bolt”.   So, in keeping with my new year’s resolutions, I am going to start using my stash.  I have joined a quilting group and hope to make some small projects, initially, and work my way up to larger pieces.  I have been to two meetings and it is so nice to be in the company of other women who love fabric and unabashedly admit to being addicts too!

I have a small selection of coordinating fabrics cut into small squares and I would like to do something with them.  I bought the first print in Christchurch in 1998 and have gradually purchased other pieces to go with it. I’m thinking of a cot quilt or pillow at this stage. Watch this space!

What crafts do you enjoy? Please share….

Until next time,

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