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Photo courtesy of   Kristen Bonardi Rapp

Photo courtesy of Kristen Bonardi Rapp

When small children visited our family home, they all headed for their favourite place in our kitchen.  No not the cookie jar, although there were always good things there – they went straight to the “junk drawer”.

As my mother tidied, she would put those things, which didn’t really have a place, into one drawer.  It was at kid-friendly height and you could find all kinds of treasures there – crayons,  marbles, buttons, stray board game pieces, a malfunctioning flashlight/torch – you name it, you might find it there.  The selection changed continually, so each time some of my younger cousins turned up for afternoon tea, there were new surprises.  It was always interesting to see what captured the imagination of each child.  My cousin Scott used to take apart anything he found there, which made us certain that he would be an engineer or technician of some sort.  Sure enough, that early beginning led to a successful career in electronics.

I wonder if today’s kids would eagerly anticipate a visit to grandma’s/nana’s to rifle through a junk drawer or room?  Is there something at your house that fascinates your pint-size visitors?  Please share …….

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