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Each year on Dec 1, my mother would bring the Christmas decorations up from the basement. The wreath went on the front door, the nativity scene was carefully arranged on the pine shelves, the hurricane lanterns with their holly “skirts” dressed each end of the mantle and the small teasel Christmas tree, which my Mom and Dad made, took pride of place on the antique drop leaf table in the living room. To make the teasel tree, my parents collected teasels from along the side of the road.  My father fashioned the round  base and central pole from wood. A styrofoam cone  was fashioned and ” threaded” on to the central pole.  With gloved hands, my mother then carefully pushed each teasel into the foam, trying not to get any barbs in her fingers – not any easy task!  Once the basic tree was completed, she spray-painted the tree a lovely vintage green, dusted it lightly with artificial snow and decorated it with miniature glass balls. Magical!

This Dec 1, Mr. Boomerlifetoday brought our Christmas ornaments out of storage. The wreath went on the front door and in place of the teasel tree, I decorated our small artificial tree with small  birds. The Christmas sheep adorn one of the tall boys in the bedroom and our large tree is decorated in red and gold this year. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

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