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Tunisian carpets

My father-in-law has moved into a nursing home and his 2 bedroom bungalow, which was home for the last 5 years, has been sold.  This past weekend, we emptied it in preparation for its next occupants.

While this clear-out wasn’t on the scale of his move from the family home, it was somehow more significant because all his possessions were dispersed except for a few photos, a television, dvd player, some personal effects and a small selection of clothing.  Favourite decorative pieces, furniture, tools, china – all passed to family, charities or set aside to sell.  I know it’s just “stuff” and we aren’t supposed to become attached to things, but it must be difficult to part with loved objects, some of which have been part of daily life for, in his case, almost 93 years.

It made me sad to think that this is what will become of all the wonderful things we have accumulated in our travels.  Will the next owner appreciate the hours spent drinking tea and haggling in a shop in Tunisia before “closing the deal” on our stunning handmade carpets?  Or, realize the delight in finding an outlet for that beautiful blue and white mosaic tableware in Fez?

I came away with a renewed appreciation of the resilience of older family members.  I’m not sure I could see my belongings disappear so abruptly, my neighbours become just “people that I used to know” and my independence vanish within a day of entering a nursing home.  Surely there is a better option for these last years of our lives……..

Until next time,

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