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New main bathroom

New main bathroom

We have been having our bathrooms remodeled and are finally coming to the end of what has been a stressful half year.  We had heard others speak of the horrors of having their bathrooms renovated and thought we’d avoid problems by hiring a designer/project manager whose work we had admired.  However, we were not prepared for what would happen or how long it would take!

Our project manager assured us she had a team of very competent tradespeople with whom she had worked for years.  But, there was just one thing after another that went wrong from leaking pipes to cut wires in the under floor heating circuit!  The latter was the final straw because those at fault didn’t want to own their mistakes.  Work was delayed while we consulted lawyers and trades and building associations to determine a course of action.  Finally after heated arguments and a lot of stress, the problems have been resolved.   It has taken a long time and a lot of money, but the results really have been worth it.

We opted to incorporate universal design into our new bathrooms – things like slip resistant floor tiles, comfort height toilets, a walk-in, barrier-free shower, vanities hung at a height of 36″ (around a metre) from the floor with drawers instead of cupboards for easy access,  improved lighting and magnifying mirrors.  They are features that make it easier for anyone to enjoy the bathrooms, but are especially good as we age.  The beauty of the design is that they don’t look like bathrooms for “older people” – they are modern and stylish.

If you are thinking of remodeling, do a little research and find out how you can improve the functionality of your rooms without sacrificing style – you’ll be glad you did!  In New Zealand, it might even qualify your home for Lifemark accreditation.  To find out more about this program, click or touch here.

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Disclosure: Mention of Lifemark in this Boomer Life Today blog post was not solicited or paid for.