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Chocolate courgette cake

Those who have read our blog before know how committed we are to reducing waste.  That’s why I decided that this month, I’d start using things up – that includes food in our fridge, pantry and freezer, fabric, yarn – whatever!  To help me with this plan, I’m also going to shop as much as possible at a grocery discounter – a business model which makes a lot of sense.  Why Not sells food and other items, which are about to or have just recently reached their “best before” date.  There is frozen meat and fish, yogurt, cheese, biscuits, snack food, etc available at heavily discounted prices.  The inventory constantly changes so you never know what you’ll find, which is part of the appeal.   I’m purchasing items, which help me use up what we already have.

So far this week, I’ve used up frozen grated zucchini by making a delicious moist chocolate cake and almost finished two jars of relish, which complemented our ham steaks the other night.

I’ve accumulated some hemp cord and decided to use it to knit a dishcloth and will attempt some other projects from the books I’ve requested from the library.  Finally, I’ve started a crib quilt with squares I’ve been carrying around since 1998! It feels so good to be using up things, clearing pantries and closets and saving money at the same time!

Touch or click here for a link to the recipe for the chocolate cake – enjoy!

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 Disclosure: Why Not did not solicit or pay for mention in this Boomer Life Today blog post.