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Recently I watched the British television program 10 years younger.  It selects people in need of an update and through surgery, facial treatments, dental work, hairstyle makeovers, wardrobe updates and makeup changes, each person is transformed – much like the US show Extreme Makeover, except not so extreme.  Over the years, I’ve read books and magazines on the subject, attended a style workshop (and blogged about it!) and have made subtle changes as a result.  But none of these resources have suggested who in the marketplace sells stylish and fashionable age-appropriate clothing and shoes; where to find flattering hair styles, great hair products & competent stylists to accommodate the changes you’re noticing in your hair; which companies produce the BEST skin care products/treatments for your skin; what fitness centres/regimes offer exercise with the most gain without pain, damage or strain to joints and muscles.  I suppose the reason has been because television programs, books and magazines are trying to appeal to a worldwide audience and figure that there isn’t much point in promoting their country’s companies to a global audience.  Or is it that there are few manufacturers who really consider the boomer population when developing styles for the fashion, hair, skin/hair care and makeup industries?  From the research I’ve done – I believe that it is largely the latter, but it is changing. 

Mary Portas is a UK designer who has taken the bold step to target boomer age women with her line.  Touch or click here to view her line available at House of Fraser (ships internationally). Elegance is an European label, which I know and like. They have a presence in the UK, Europe and Asia, but sadly international shipping is not available unless you have a forwarding service.  But the next time you travel, I’d recommend checking them out.

And, you’ve no doubt read in our blog how much I like Chico’s, Kasper and Talbots in the US! I also like Jones New York and for casual wear, L. L. Bean , Land’s End  and NYDJ (Not your daughter’s jeans and not just jeans either). A quick search of the web suggests JJill , Ann Taylor, Dana Buchanen (at Kohl’s) and Liz Claiborne (at JC Penney) and especially for those with curves, Lane Bryant. Most of these retailers offer plus sizes and ship internationally. I’ve had personal experience with all retailers except JJillLane Bryant, Ann Taylor and Dana Buchanen and really like their products, customer service and return policies.

On my last trip to Canada, I purchased Second Yoga Jeans made in Quebec.  They are sooooo comfortable and stylish!  Another company, Alison Sheri who advertises in Good Times magazine look to have nice clothes, but I have no personal experience with them. Neither companies ship internationally yet.  Other less expensive lines include TanJay and Jessica available through Sears Canada.

Downunder, Blue Illusion is my pick – they’re even featuring a 60+ model in some of their campaigns. They also sell many accessories with a decidedly French influence, which I also love. In New Zealand, Verge is a homegrown favourite – I especially like their factory sales!

I’m encouraged by the fact that there are increasingly more companies with styles that suit women over 50.  If you know of other companies out there, please let us know…..

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Disclosure:  Companies and television programming mentioned in this Boomer Life Today blog post did not solicit or pay for inclusion.